Mercedes-AMG G63 vs Suzuki Jimny in Tug of war

Spectacular victory of the little Suzuki.

Suzuki Jimny is a unique car. It has been so warmly welcomed that the car’s only factory in Japan has huge problems when it comes to filling the demand. It is said that the current waiting time for a new car is more than 12 months.

The tiny toy car looks like a Mercedes G-Class imitation. The car is so similar that there are even special tuning packages turning small Suzuki into a small Mercedes-Benz. However, there is a huge difference between them. While the small Suzuki is powered by a 1.5-litre 100 PS engine, the Mercedes G500 already has a 420 PS under the bonnet and the G63 AMG version has a 585 PS.

Does Jimny have any chance in tug of war? No? So perhaps two? Or three? See a test by the Carwow.

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