Van from Lexus will have its debut next month?

Lexus is preparing a hot premiere for this year’s Shanghai Auto Show.

The Lexus range of models has recently been completely refreshed. In recent years, LC, UX, refreshed RC, as well as new generations of LS, ES and RX have made their debut on the market. All models now look very modern and are able to successively fight against the market leaders.

They will probably soon be joined by a completely new model, which is to become a competition for the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. Germans now have a monopoly in the luxury van segment, which is ideal for transporting guests as a VIP Shuttle.

Lexus Taiwan and Lexus China have officially announced the creation of a new model of the Japanese manufacturer, which will debut in two weeks’ time in Shanghai. The first trailer reveals not much. We can see a pattern of lamps similar to those from RX and a huge grille.

Lexus Enthusiast recalls on the occasion of the publication of the first information that Lexus had registered the trade marks LM300 and LM300h last year. According to them, ‘LM’ is intended to designate ‘Lexus Minivan’ and to be a sign for the first van of a luxury manufacturer.

It is still not certain that it will be a new van. There is a good chance that Lexus will finally show the new generation of the LX model, which has been in production for 12 years, and in the meantime has gone through as many as three facelifts.

This year’s Shanghai Auto Show will start on April 14th.

source: via Motor1

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