Amazon confirms that the 4th season of The Grand Tour will be the last

The announcement took place on the occasion of the start of shooting for the new season planned for 2020.


This news was a primaaprilis joke. More information in a special separate entry.

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The Grand Tour is a new car show by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. After they left the BBC and Top Gear, they managed to create a new show that attracts tens of millions of people around the world.

However, it turns out that the production of the show is not financially profitable and will end with the emission of the 4th season, for which the presenters’ contracts have recently been extended. According to Amazon, each episode consumes millions of pounds, and only 3 season took up to 244 million in total. With 14 episodes in total, that’s £17.43 million per episode.

As Amazon reveals, the most expensive are the presenters themselves and their wishes. The Daily Mail published Jeremy Clarkson’s fees some time ago and it turns out that he earns as much as 3.5 million for each aired episode. Hammond and May earn around 2.5 million per episode.

Despite the resignation from a tent traveling around the world, production costs are still enormous due to the highest standards applied. Each episode is recorded in 4K resolution and at the same time up to 26 cameras, 7 operator cars and 2 helicopters are used. To this should be added the costs of car rental, insurance, recording permits, as well as huge expenses for the transport of equipment and people.

Technical parking during recording of The Grand Tour episode in Detroit

How big the project is to record one material for The Grand Tour is the test done in Detroit. The material was released in the first episode of the third season and we could admire Mustang RTR, Hennessey Exorcist and Challenger SRT Demon. For the purpose of shooting it, a total of 11 streets were closed and 52 policemen were guarding safety. The team received from the city a special parking lot (photo above) to accommodate their equipment and cars.

In addition, Amazon had to pay a $4 million fee to the city of Detroit for the damage caused. The American giant was also accused of damaging the buildings of the Packard factory, which resulted in January this year in the collapse of the bridge between the buildings, which was the icon of the city.

The second problem is piracy of new episodes instead of watching legally at or via Amazon Prime Video. The second season of The Grand Tour was the most often illegally downloaded program on the Internet (even winning with the Game of Thrones). Unofficially there are even 40 million people around the world. Bearing in mind that a monthly service subscription costs GBP 3.99, this is a loss of approximately £160 million.

The Grand Tour debuted in November 2016 and is only available online via or Amazon Prime Video. The episodes can be viewed in a web browser, on a smartphone or on an internet-connected TV.

Currently, the third season of the programme is being broadcast, and a total of 36 episodes have already been broadcast. Presenters had the opportunity to visit several countries and test the most extreme and unique cars.

source: Amazon UK, Daily Mail

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  • April 1, 2019 at 4:44 pm

    Your calculation is wrong. you said 3 season total cost Amazon 244 million. And then you said 14 episodes total which is wrong, over 3 seasons there were 37 episodes ( S1 – 13 episodes, S2 – 11 episodes, S3 – 13 episodes)

  • April 1, 2019 at 9:53 pm

    Sorry, but who wrote this article? The English is appalling, if it’s to be considered a serious piece of journalism.


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