Could a supercar from Alfa Romeo look like this?

Such a model in the offer of the Italian manufacturer will certainly not be available in the near future.

Alfa Romeo is going through a kind of rebirth. The range of models has been seriously refreshed and new models such as Gulia and Stelvio have been warmly welcomed. The engineers are now focusing on adding a second SUV to the offer as soon as possible, which will receive the name Tonale.

However, a recently announced plan for the coming years includes a return of GTV, which is supposed to be in some way a Gulia Coupe, and also a completely new 8C. The car is expected to be the brand’s new flagship model and be powered by an 800-horsepower hybrid engine.

We are all talking about 8C as a classic Coupe or GT model with a front engine. Graphic designer Matteo Gentile decided to approach the subject from a different angle and he designed a futuristic supercar.

The car is named Gtl Evo and has a very modern design and keeps the recognisable features of Alfa Romeo. At the front you will find huge air intakes and thin daytime running lights. The main lights are only small LED lights in the wheel arches. At the back you will find a huge diffuser and a small tailgate.

The vehicle does not have exhaust pipes, so it can be assumed that the author designed it for electric engines. On the technical project (at the end of the gallery) we will find two radiators at the back and one at the front, so you can assume the use of three electric engines. The power of such a set would certainly be over 1000 hp, and advanced aerodynamics would allow to achieve excellent performance.

Alfa Romeo Gtl Evo – render by Matteo Gentile

source: Matteo Gentile

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