The Grand Tour – explanation of a primaaprilis joke

We decided to explain our post on the occasion of the 1st of April in a separate entry.

Yesterday was the 1st of April, the day when people all over the world come up with the oddest jokes. In our editorial office we decided to prepare imaginary stories about The Grand Tour, the 3rd season of which is just ending in Amazon Prime Video.

“Amazon confirms that the 4th season of The Grand Tour will be the last”

Knowing that fans are sensitive to any messages about the end of the show and any changes in the formula we have prepared an false story about the end of the show after the 4th season. We included fictitious data on production costs, through which Amazon allegedly decided to end the show, as well as all the data about the equipment and the number of people in the team.

We must admit that the production costs of The Grand Tour are enormous, but they are not exactly known. It is said that every season costs 100 million pounds, but the exact figures have never been given.

It should also be remembered that Amazon is a company which in 2018 earned 10.073 billion dollars, employs 613.300 people worldwide and is now classified as the 2nd largest company in the world with a valuation of 777 billion dollars (data in the source at the bottom). The Grand Tour is a program that is supposed to bring customers to the Prime Video platform at any price and it doesn’t even matter if it will earn money.

The second issue is the history of shooting the episode in Detroit. In the news you can see a real picture of The Grand Tour team’s technical car park, including two units of Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. The city council actually closed the streets for recording purposes, but the exact data was made up, including the number of police officers. Amazon did not have to pay any penalty for damages (or at least nothing is known about it) and was not sued for any damage to the Packard factory. The bridge actually collapsed in January 2019 a few days after The Grand Tour episode was broadcast, but it had nothing to do with the recording. The team came to Detroit in June 2018.

The information about the piracy of the show was partly true. The Grand Tour actually became more often pirated than the Game of Tron and became the most frequently pirated program in history, but the data on the number of downloads were fictitious. Such news appeared with the premiere of the first season in 2016. Our news on this subject is in the archive and has no access to it, but you can read about it on other websites.

Thank you for all the messages you sent to us yesterday. Thank you for appreciating our creativity and our English translator will try to do job more accurately 😉

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One thought on “The Grand Tour – explanation of a primaaprilis joke

  • April 2, 2019 at 5:12 pm

    Well done! It seemed really convincing with all the details and costs. I wasn’t taken in only because it was the first of April.
    By the way, prima aprilis is “April Fool’s Day” in English, and it should be Game of “Thrones”, not “tron”.


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