Special BMW M1 found after 25 years

Exactly this car broke the speed record in 1981.

The BMW M1 is an extremely unique car. Its above-average design and outstanding performance were a highlight in the 1970s when it was first introduced. A total of only 453 cars have been produced, and only a small fraction of that number is on the road.

When one of the cars goes to auction, it automatically reaches a staggering amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The most unique of all M1s was found in the London garage after 25 years and will soon be auctioned.

At first glance, this is a strange-looking BMW M1. Behind it stands a very unique story. This model has undergone a number of modifications that have made the 3.5-litre R6 engine’s power increase from 273 hp to 410 hp. All this to beat the 300 km/h barrier. This result was supposedly achieved on October 17, 1981, but there is no official record of it.

The car will soon be auctioned off. It is expected to reach even £250,000.

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