Nissan GT-R Cabriolet – Godzilla in topless version

On the back lid there are two NOS bottles.

What you are looking at is a computer visualization made by 2NCS, which specializes in incredibly well-presented renderings in the form of short films, mainly keys to supercars.

Once in a while, next to the next renders of the Bugatti or Lamborghini, they take on something more decent and that’s how the concept of the Nissan GT-R without a roof was created. I must admit that the car looks like a real car, and it is only the lack of reflections from other vehicles in the car body that reveals it. If they used matt paint, the car would probably be indistinguishable.

The changes are quite simple. The roof has been permanently removed, just like the rear seats. Instead, the seat extensions were made in the Speedster style with two small NOS nitrous oxide bottles between them.

Creating a car like this seems like a reasonable idea. A car without a roof would work well in places like Abu Dhabi. There are rumors that there is one real GT-R without a roof and it drives in this city.

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