Here’s a Porsche 911 with a HEMI V8 engine placed in the front

Such an unusual project was created by the French tuner Danton Arts Kustoms.

We live in strange times when there is a trend to replace original engines from cars to very different alternatives. While throwing a 2JZ unit into a new Toyota Supra makes some sense, in the project that you can look at below we don’t see any of it.

Here is the Porsche 911, which had its original 3-litre boxer removed and replaced by the American HEMI V8 engine at the front. At that time, the project seems to be at a rather early stage of production, but you can already see what the creators had in mind.

YasidDesign has created several render graphics that show us what the vehicle will look like when it will be completed. The car will have a very low suspension and large wheels. The front will be dominated by an extremely wide bumper with numerous air intakes. At the rear, a huge wing and a diffuser will reign. The whole structure will be protected by a safety cage replacing the frame of the removed roof.

The creators of the project must be praised for their imagination and enthusiasm for work, because the creation of such a car will require a huge amount of work. It is difficult to expect when a car will be completely finished, but if we get some new information about the vehicle, we will certainly inform you about it.

source: Danton Arts Kustoms via Instargam, YasidDesign via Instagram

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