Porsche Taycan reveals its production design

The first electric Porsche reveals the look of headlights, bumpers and many other elements.

The closer we get to the launch of the electric Porsche Taycan, the less camouflaged the prototypes are on the road. Users of Taycan Forum managed to photograph a new prototype that was on the road with minimal camouflage and exposed headlights.

comparison of Mission-E and the prototype with the removed camouflage

The car still has special stickers that imitate other models, but we can certainly see the ready-made headlights and production rear lights.

As you can see, the similarity to Mission-E is surprisingly high. The front lights are almost identical, and the only difference is that they are integrated into a single lamp shade instead of placing all the elements directly on the body.

The front belt is also very similar. The lights are combined with special inlets very similar to those of the new Toyota Supra. The bumper itself has also been reworked and adapted to the homologation requirements. In addition, it has larger air intakes that will more efficiently supply air to the cooling system of batteries and electric motors.

The entire rear end is simplified to the necessary minimum. Here you will find almost identical lights across the entire body width as in the new Porsche 911. The bumper has a large diffuser and reflection lights. The engineers put a Mercedes-Benz logo on the prototype to confuse the passers-by.

Let’s remind you that Porsche Taycan will be equipped with two electric motors, which will generate a total of 600 hp. The fully charged batteries offer a range of approximately 500 kilometres in the NEDC cycle. The speed at which they will be charged will be stunning, as the brand says that four minutes of charging will be enough to charge the batteries to a level that will allow them to cover a distance of 100 km.

In terms of performance, the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h will be 3.5 seconds. Maximum speed is still a closely guarded secret, but it is likely to be limited to 250 km/h or 280 km/h.

Despite the fact that the official premiere of the car has not yet taken place, more than 20 thousand copies already have their potential owners, who paid a deposit of 2.5 thousand euros to join the waiting queue.

The premiere of the production version is expected to take place in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019.

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