Toyota GT86 with front from McLaren 720S looks fun

It must be admitted that the face of a British supercar fits here surprisingly well.

Toyota GT86 is a very special model in the Japanese manufacturer’s range. Until the next generation of the Supra was unveiled, for 6 years it was the only real sports model in the range. In 2012 the car was very warmly welcomed in the market, mainly due to the rear-wheel drive and the tendency to drive sideways even at low speeds.

We wrote many times about it and its twin Subaru BRZ in terms of large modifications, both mechanical and visual. Today we are discussing the example of something completely different.

Here is the Toyota GT86, which has received a major facelifting. The known front belt was replaced by the one from McLaren 720S. In addition, there are much larger wheel arches, huge rims (probably 21-inch), and the suspension has been lowered to its limits.

The visualization is done by Yasid Oozeear, who often attempts to show unusual modifications of cars. Recently, we wrote about him on the occasion of an entry about a project of Porsche 911 with HEMI V8 engine, for which he made special renderings.

This weird Toyota GT86 looks amazingly good with the headlights from the supersporty McLaren. Isn’t it time for McLaren to introduce a similar model to its range and place it below 540C?

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One thought on “Toyota GT86 with front from McLaren 720S looks fun

  • April 29, 2019 at 9:23 am

    It looks like a car that will soon need a new engine due to inadequate cooling if driven hard.


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