Mercedes-AMG ends up with RWD

From now on, all new models are to be fitted with all-wheel drive only.

There are big changes coming to AMG. After the official resignation from the V12 engine, the time has come for major changes in the drive transmission. According to Tobias Moers, the company’s boss, all future models will have all-wheel drive as standard and rear-wheel drive-only versions will no longer be offered.

The reason for this decision is the customer’s preferences. Most models are purchased with all-wheel drive and the RWD versions are now a significant minority. It turns out that people who decide to buy even such extreme cars as AMG GT R ask about the possibility of buying the all-wheel drive version.

As Moers points out, the new models will have a Drift Mode where the computer disconnects the front axle drive and all the power will be transmitted to the rear wheels only.

In an interview for the British Autocar, Tobias Moers doubted whether there was any point in fitting a 4-litre V8 with dual turbocharging for small models like the C63. Could it be that soon there will be more models with a 2-litre R4 from A-Class, CLA and GLA?

Mercedes-AMG GT 63S 4-door coupe from Performmaster

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