Ford Mach-E: Will crossover based on Mustang look like this?

Electric crossover is getting closer and closer, but still little is known about its design. Here are the latest renders.

Next year, Ford will introduce its first electric SUV. It will be largely inspired by the Mustang. Initially his name was even Mustang Mach 1.

Not much is still known about the car itself. Ford only revealed that the car is supposed to run 300 miles (480 kilometres) on one charge. This suggests that a set of batteries with a capacity of at least 80 kWh will be used.

In official documents and presentations, the car acts as a “performance SUV”, which means that the car will have quite good performances. Some time ago, Bill Ford assured us that the new car would be “fast as hell”, but he didn’t want to reveal anything else. Certainly the engineers are aiming to compete with the top Tesla Model X P100d.

In order to attract as many customers as possible, Ford intends to use the popular design of its flagship model, the Mustang. The new SUV will certainly get a similar design for the tailgate and very same headlights. The body will have a lot of clear ribbing and may have a cut roof line, as in the recently popular “SUV Coupe”.

To bring the design a little closer, Kolesa prepared an interesting visualization of the model. It shows all the elements known to us in combination with the raised body, huge wheel arches with protective elements and a dual exhaust system. There was also a rear door, as it should have been an SUV.

Ford Mach-E – new renders

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