Man spent 17 years building a Lamborghini in the basement

Ken Imhoff spent 17 years building his dream Lamborghini Countach with his own hands. The end result is breathtaking.

The project started in 1991 after Ken Imhoff watched Cannonball Run. In it he saw the black Lamborghini Countach, in which he fell in love and decided to build it himself.

The project started innocently. Ken built a wooden frame that he used as a base for his body panels. Then, after creating the base, he started making the metal frame himself and moved on with the project.

As the engine was used 5.8 litre V8 engine from Ford, which after modifications produced 514 hp at 6800 rpm. It was transmitted to the rear axle in the 5-speed Pantera ZF gearbox. The exhaust system, cooling system and much more were made by hand or on special order.

The car has been finished with original parts. Ken Imhoff bought the original headlights, front and rear lights, windscreen, side windows, carbon spoiler and wheel arches.

This project was completed in 2008. Ken used the car every day for two years. In 2010, this unique Lamborghini Countach was put up for sale. Unofficially, it is said that the buyer paid 89 thousand dollars.

The project has been presented in a very interesting way in the recording available below. More detailed information and dozens of photos can be found on Ken Imhoff’s official website.

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